Our most popular repertoire

Our most popular repertoire

Since its formation the KCO has played a wide range of orchestral music, from baroque and classical, through the Romantic era, to contemporary music from the last century.

We aim for a balance between the familiar and the new, and have a long tradition of first performances of music by local composers, often of astonishing inventiveness and musicality. Our conductor, Andy Meyers, is also an accomplished composer and we have premiered many of his works to great success. As well as performing three concerts a year in Kingston, we have also travelled abroad to perform in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The "word cloud" to the right shows the composers that we have performed most often.

Recent Repertoire

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June 2019

  • Schubert: Sumphony No. 3

  • Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 24 in C minor (soloist Andrew Zolinsky)

  • Falla: El Amor Brujo (mezzo-soprano Lorna Perry)

March 2019

  • Sullivan: Overture to ‘Patience’

  • lbert: Concertino Da Camera (soloist Sally MacTaggart)

  • Thomas Little: Shades in Time (first performance)

  • Milhaud: ‘Scaramouche’

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 6, ‘Pastoral’

November 2018 (Andy Meyers 30-year anniversary)

  • Brahms: Tragic Overture

  • Bruch: Violin Concerto (soloist Sadie Fields)

  • Stravinsky: Symphony in C

  • Meyers: Encore une Fois

June 2018

  • Rossini: Overture, 'La Gazza Ladra'

  • Chopin: Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor Op. 11 (soloist Simon Callaghan)

  • Glinka: Summer Night in Madrid

  • Schubert: Symphony No. 4 in C minor ('Tragic')

March 2018

  • Haydn: Symphony 93 in D

  • Mendelssohn: Konzertstucke in F (soloists Stephen Willis and Helen Smith)

  • Delius: Two Aquarelles

  • Mozart: Symphony no 38 ('Prague')

November 2017

  • Schubert: Overture in D Major, D. 556

  • Beethoven: Violin Concerto (soloist Mathilde Milwidsky)

  • Mozart: Symphony no 31 in D major, K. 297/300a ('Paris')

  • Carlos Surinach: Sinfonia Chica ('Small Symphony')

June 2017

  • Rossini: Overture, 'Tancredi'

  • Rodrigo: Concerto Serenata for Harp and Orchestra (soloist Mary Reid)

  • Delibes: Le Roi S'amuse: Six Airs de danse dans le Style Ancien

  • Haydn: Symphony No. 99 in E-flat major

March 2017

  • Freddie Meyers: Sinfonia Concertante (soloists Helena Ruinard, Marion Pedder)

  • Shostakovich: Piano Concerto No 2 in F

  • Sibelius: Symphony No. 5 in E

November 2016

  • Cherubini: 'L'hôtellerie Portugaise'

  • Nielsen: Flute Concerto (soloist Daniel Shao)

  • Lennox Berkeley: Sinfonietta, op.34

  • Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 in A

July 2016

June 2016

  • Weber: Euryanthe-Ouvertüre

  • Brahms: Violin Concerto (soloist Sadie Fields)

  • Dvorak: Symphony No.7 in D minor

March 2016

  • Faure: Masques et Bergamasques

  • Mozart: Piano Concerto 20 in D minor (soloist Simon Callaghan)

  • Falla: 'Three Cornered Hat' (Suite 1)

  • Ravel: Tombeau De Couperin

November 2015

  • Mozart: Overture, 'Idomeneo'

  • Strauss: 2nd Horn Concerto (soloist Sam Jacobs (Principal Horn, RPO))

  • Mendelssohn: 'Hebrides'

  • Mozart" Symphony No 40

October 2015 (Concert in St Bavo's Cathedral, Ghent, Belgium)

  • Haydn: Overture, 'Armida'

  • Meyers: 'In the Mind of a Butterfly' (First Performance)

  • Handel: Three Pieces from 'Water Music'

  • Mozart: Symphony No 40

June 2015

  • Meyers: Sinfonia Concertante

  • Rodrigo: Guitar Concerto (soloist Tom McLauchlan)

  • Prokofiev: Suite, 'Summer Day'

  • Schubert: Symphony No 1 in D

March 2015

  • Beethoven: Overture 'Consecration of the House'

  • Dvorak: Cello Concerto (soloist Rebecca Herman)

  • Sibelius: Symphony No. 2

November 2014 (Chalgrove Charity Concert)

  • Handel: 'Arrival of the Queen of Sheba'

  • Boyce: Symphony in F

  • Haydn: Cello Concerto in C (soloist Jamal Aliyev)

  • Mozart: Symphony No. 29 in A major

November 2014

  • Mozart: Overture, 'Don Giovanni'

  • Croft: 3 Short Pieces (first performance)

  • Mozart: Violin Concerto No 4 in D (soloist Yume Fujise)

  • Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 4 in A major, 'Italian'

June 2014

  • Schumann: Manfred Overture

  • Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No 1 (soloist Andrew Zolinsky)

  • Brahms: Symphony No 4

March 2014

  • Kodaly: Summer Evening

  • Dvorak: Rondo for Cello and Orchestra (soloist Lesley Shrigley Jones)

  • Peter Byrom Smith: 'The Green Man' (first performance) (soloist Lesley Shrigley Jones)

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 8 in F

November 2013

  • Dvorak: Carnival Overture

  • Britten: Violin Concerto (soloist Fenella Humphries)

  • Sibelius: Symphony No 1 in E minor

June 2013

  • Rossini: Overture, 'The Barber of Seville'

  • Delius: Summer Night on the River

  • Ibert: Flute Concerto (soloist Daniel Shao)

  • Freddie Meyers: Gyre

  • Spohr: Symphony No 2 in D minor Op 49

March 2013

  • Schubert: Overture in the Italian Style

  • Beethoven: Piano Concerto No 3 (soloist Simon Callaghan)

  • Guarnieri: Abertura Concertante

  • Haydn: Symphony 104, 'London'

November 2012 (Concert in St Paul's Church, Antwerp, Belgium)

  • Mozart: Overture, 'La Clemenza di Tito'

  • Schumann: Cello Concerto (soloist Robbie Stanley-Smith)

  • Rousell: Petite Suite

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 1 in C

November 2012

  • Mozart: Overture, 'La Clemenza di Tito'

  • Rousell: Petite Suite

  • Schumann: Cello Concerto (soloist Robbie Stanley-Smith)

  • Finzi: 4 movements from Love's Labour's Lost

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 1 in C

  • Meyers: Encore Une Fois

June 2012

  • Haydn: Symphony No 73 'La Chasse'

  • Monta: Violin Concerto (first performance) (soloist Lisa Ueda)

  • Vaughan Williams: The Lark Ascending

  • Poulenc: Sinfonietta

March 2012

  • Balakirev: Overture on 3 Russian Themes No 1

  • Meyers: Horn Concerto (world premiere) (soloist Richard Watkins)

  • Beeethoven: Symphony No 6 'Pastoral'

December 2011 (Charity concert for the Down's Syndrome Association)

  • Mozart: Overture, 'Marriage of Figaro'

  • Schubert: Rondo for Violin and Strings (soloist Helena Ruinard)

  • Delius: Sleigh Ride

  • Gershwin: Songs

  • Meyers: Christmas Fantasy

November 2011

  • Weber: Overture, 'Der Freischutz'

  • Bartok: Viola Concerto (soloist Eniko Magyar)

  • Arnold: Little Suite for Orchestra

  • Dvorak: Symphony No 8

June 2011

  • Schubert: Overture, 'Claudine von Villa Bella'

  • Danzi: Sinfonia Concertante Op.41 for Clarinet and Flute (soloists Helen Smith, Ruth Miller)

  • Rory Smith: 3 Years (first performance)

  • Larsson: Pastoral Suite

  • Mozart: Symphony No 39 in Eb

March 2011

  • Schumann: Overture, 'Hermann und Dorothea''

  • Mozart: Piano Concerto no 17 in G KV. 453 (soloist Hiroaki Takenouchi)

  • Glen Rowlan: Avaritia and Superbia

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 4

November 2010

  • Mozart: Symphony No 35

  • Jacob: Oboe Concerto no 2 (soloist Karen Gibbard)

  • Stravinsky: Pulcinella Suite

October 2010 (Concert in Basilique Sainte Clotilde, Paris)

  • Haydn: Symphony No 83 'The Hen'

  • Danzi: Sinfonia Concertante Op.41 for Clarinet and Flute (soloists Helen Smith, Ruth Miller)

  • CPE Bach: Sinfonia in G

June 2010

  • Mendelssohn: A Midsummer Night's Dream

  • Nielsen: Violin Concerto (soloist Jeanine Thorpe)

  • Dvorak: Symphony No 5

March 2010

  • Franck: Les Eolides

  • Barber: Knoxville Summer of 1915 (soloist Jane Wilkinson)

  • Smith: Tundra (first performance)

  • Beethoven: Egmont: Complete Incidental Music

December 2009 (Charity Performance in aid of the The Friends of Thomas Coram)

  • Purcell: Chaconne

  • Bach: Keyboard Concerto in D Minor (soloist Simon Callaghan)

  • Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

  • Handel: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

  • Grieg: Holberg Suite

November 2009

  • Rossini: Overture 'William Tell'

  • Grieg: Piano Concerto in A Minor (soloist Simon Callaghan)

  • Shostakovich: Symphony No 1

June 2009

  • Haydn: Symphony No 96

  • Prokofiev: Violin concerto No 2 (soloist Fenella Humphries)

  • Schubert: Symphony No 6

March 2009

  • Francis Bevan: All The King's Men' (first performance)

  • Tchaikovsky: Rococo Variations (soloist Robbie Stanley-Smith)

  • Faure: Pavane

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 7

November 2008

  • Grieg arr Meyers: Lyric Pieces (full orchestral version)

  • Crusell: 2nd Clarinet Concerto (soloist Helen Smith)

  • Ram KhatabakhshNight of Incident (first performance)

  • Gade: Symphony No 4

October 2008 (Concert in Palais des Beaux Arts, Lille)

  • JH Roman: Sinfonia in F Major

  • B Crusell: Clarinet Concerto No 2 in F Minor (soloist Helen Smith)

  • Grieg arr Meyers: Lyric Suite (small orchestra version)

June 2008

  • Bantock: Old English Suite

  • Brahms: Double Concerto (soloists Lesley Shrigley-Jones (cello), Jonathan Strange (violin))

  • Mozart: Symphony No 31 'Paris'

  • Kodaly: Maroszek Dances

March 2008

  • Schubert: Overture 'Rosamunde'

  • Meyers: Bass Clarinet Concerto (first performance) (soloist Helen Oughtibridge)

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 5 in C minor

December 2007 (Charity Concert in aid of the Friends of Thomas Coram)

  • Rossini: Overture to 'The Barber of Seville'

  • Mozart: Piano Concerto No 21 (soloist Simon Callaghan)

  • Handel: Water Music Suite in F

  • Schubert: Symphony No 5

  • Gershwin arr. Meyers: 3 Songs

November 2007

  • Rossini: Overture to 'The Barber of Seville'

  • Mozart: Piano Concerto No 21 (soloist Simon Callaghan)

  • Bertel HaugenSinfonietta (first performance)

  • Mendelssohn: Symphony No 1 in C minor

June 2007

  • Glinka: Overture 'Russlan and Lyudmilla'

  • Sibelius: Violin Concerto (soloist Leanne Alexander)

  • Matthew Print: Two Colours for Orchestra

  • Sullivan: Symphony in E minor 'Irish'

March 2007

  • Mendelssohn: Overture 'Fingals Cave'

  • Beethoven: Triple Concerto (soloists Roy Stratford, Kathryn Parry, Emma Baldock)

  • Tchaikovsky: Symphony No 1 in G minor

November 2006

  • Beethoven: Overture 'Egmont'

  • Poulenc orch. Berkeley: Flute Sonata (soloist Andrew Nicholson)

  • Kodaly: Dances of Galanta

  • Robert SimpsonSymphony No 2

  • Meyers: Encore Une Fois (first UK performance)

October 2006 (Concert in Palais des Beaux Arts, Lille)

  • Beethoven: Overture 'Egmont'

  • Poulenc orch. Berkeley: Flute Sonata (soloist Andrew Nicholson)

  • Bizet: Symphony in C

  • Meyers: Encore Une Fois (first performance)

June 2006

  • Mendelssohn: Overture 'Ruy Blas'

  • Mozart: Concerto Rondo in D K382 (soloist Simon Callaghan)

  • Lewiston SharpeThe Blaze of the Diamond, the Moment of Hours (first performance)

  • Francaix: Concertino for Piano and Orchestra (soloist Simon Callaghan)

  • Sibelius: Symphony No 3 in C op. 52

March 2006

  • Beethoven: Overture 'King Stephen'

  • Dvorak: Violin Concerto (soloist Clare Howick)

  • Mike Greenway: Present Tense (first performance)

  • Delius: Two Pieces: 'Fenimore & Gerda' and 'Summer Night on the River'

  • Prokofiev: Symphony No 1 'Classical'

November 2005

  • Meyers: Suite for Orchestra

  • Britten arr. Matthews: A Charm of Lullabies (soloist Margaret Cameron)

  • Bizet: 'Seguidilla' from Carmen (encore) (soloist Margaret Cameron)

  • Beethoven: Symphony no 3 'Eroica'

June 2005

  • Mendelssohn: Overture to 'Son and Stranger'

  • Beethoven: Piano Concerto No 5 in Eb (soloist Samantha Ward)

  • Kodaly: Summer Evening: A Tone Poem for Orchestra

  • Cherubini: Symphony in D Major

March 2005

  • Beethoven: Corolian Overture

  • Weber: Concertino in Eb Op 26 for Clarinet (soloist Helen Smith)

  • Milhaud: Le Boeuf sur le Toit

  • Schubert: Symphony No 2

November 2004

  • Weber: Overture to 'Preciosa'

  • Strauss: Oboe Concerto (soloist Stella Dickinson)

  • Lewiston SharpeStone of the 7 Kings (first performance) (soloist Cara Warren)

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 2 in D

October 2004 (Concert in Kortrik, Belgium)

  • Weber: Overture to 'Preciosa'

  • Strauss: Horn Concerto

  • Meyers: Midsummer Night Dances

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 2 in D

June 2004

  • Schubert: Overture in Italian Style in D

  • Mozart: Piano Concerto No 25 in C (soloist Henry Roche)

  • Wagner: Siegfried Idyll

  • Gounod: Symphony No 1

April 2004 (Concert at the Royal Star and Garter)

  • Haydn: Symphony No 30 'Alleluia'

  • Vivaldi: Flute Concerto Op 3 (soloist Helen Foster)

  • Mozart: Symphony No 29

February 2004

  • Rossini: Il Viaggio a Reims

  • Handel: Organ Concerto in F (soloist Mervyn Williams)

  • Berkeley: Divertimento

  • Mendelssohn: Symphony No 5 ('Reformation')

December 2003

  • Beethoven: The Ruins of Athens op. 113

  • Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante in E flat K 364 (soloists Ludwig Muller, Caroline Harrison)

  • Meyers: Cantilena (first performance)

  • Tchaikovsky: First Suite for Orchestra

July 2003 (Kingston Parish Church Benefit Concert)

  • Mozart: The Impresario (soloists Susan Clements Loftus, Hannah Kirk, Martin Rendle)

  • Mozart: Marriage of Figaro (excerpts) (soloists Paul Charrier, Hannah Kirk, Giles Davis, Susan Clements Loftus, Andrew Perry McAlpine, Martin Rendle, Suzanne Walker)

June 2003

  • Mozart: Symphony No 32

  • Brahms: Violin Concerto (soloist Charlie Siem)

  • Davis: The Eye Of The Storm (first performance)

  • Dvorak: Legends

June 2003 (Children of the Andes Benefit Concert)

  • Mozart: Overture 'Seraglio'

  • Meyers: Bassoon Concerto

  • Gershwin arr. Meyers: 3 Songs

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 8

March 2003

  • Mozart: Overture 'Seraglio'

  • Shostakovich: Cello Concerto No 1 (soloist Lesley Shrigley-Jones)

  • Burden: Gandalf the Wizard (first performance)

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 8

November 2002

  • Haydn: Symphony No 53 in D ('L'Imperiale')

  • Glazounov: Concerto for Alto Saxophone (soloist Richard Stockall)

  • Meyers: Sinfonietta Concertante (first performance)

  • Shostakovich: Symphony No 9 Op 70

October 2002 (Waalse Kerk, Delft, Holland)

  • Haydn: Symphony No 53 in D ('L'Imperiale')

  • Glazounov: Concerto for Alto Saxophone (soloist Richard Stockall)

  • Meyers: Sinfonietta Concertante (first performance)

  • Mozart: Symphony No 40 in G Minor K550

June 2002

  • Rossini: Il Turco in Italia

  • Barber: Violin Concerto (soloist Tamas Andras)

  • Howard: Lantern Tower (first performance)

  • Mendelssohn: Symphony No 4 ('Italian')

March 2002

  • Respighi: The Birds

  • Ravel: Piano Concerto (soloist Henry Roche)

  • Delius: Prelude to Irmelin

  • Tubin: Sinfonietta on Estonian Motifs

  • Joplin: Strenuous Life

December 2001 (Kingston Parish Church Benefit Concert)

  • Puccini: La Boheme (semi-staged, performed with Opera d'Amici - Artistic Director Martin Rendle) (soloists Stuart Rathie (Rodolfo), Susan Clements-Loftus (Mimi), Giles Chaundy (Marcello), Hannah Kirk (Musetta), Julian Mason (Schaunard), Alex Routledge (Alcindoro, Benoit))

November 2001

  • Mozart: Overture 'Magic Flute'

  • Schumann: Concertstucke op. 86 for Horn Quartet (soloists Lucas Kirk, Andy Feist, Simon Thomas, Rob Pratt)

  • Schubert: Symphony No 8 in B Minor ('Unfinished')

  • Hurd: Dance Variations

June 2001

  • Rossini: Overture 'Semiramide'

  • Villa-Lobos: Guitar Concerto (soloist Roland Gallery)

  • Abley: A Distraction for Chamber Orchestra (first performance)

  • Mozart: Symphony No. 41 in C ('Jupiter')

March 2001

  • Haydn: Symphony 103 ('Drumroll')

  • Copland: Quiet City

  • Ditchfield: Serenade (second performance)

  • Moeran: Sinfonietta (soloists Jean Price, David Wicks)

November 2000

  • Dowland: Four Pieces from Lachrimae

  • Albinoni: Concerto a Cinque opus 2

  • Cherubini: Overture 'Les Deux Journees'

  • Mahler: Symphony No 4 (soloist Hannah Kirk)

June 2000

  • Schubert: Symphony No 3 in D Major

  • Respighi: Adagio con Variazione for Cello and Orchestra (soloist Lesley Shrigley Jones)

  • M. D. Searby: Soundscapes and Pathways for Chamber Orchestra and Soloists (first performance)

  • Falla: Scenes and Dances from 'The Three-Cornered Hat'

March 2000

  • Cimarosa: La Matrimonio Segreta

  • Meyers: Flute Concerto (revised version premiere)

  • Wolf: Italian Serenade

  • Haydn: Symphony No 101 ('Clock')

November 1999

  • Walton: Crown Imperial

  • Barber: Adagio for Strings

  • Jenkins: Clarinet Concerto (first performance) (soloist Richard Stockall)

  • Stravinsky: Symphonies of Winds

  • Copland: Rodeo

June 1999 (Family Concert)

  • Weber: Overture 'Peter Schmoll'

  • Poulenc: Babar the Elephant (narrator James Naughtie)

  • Kabalevsky: The Comedians

  • Joplin: Ragtime Dance

March 1999

  • Beethoven: Overture 'Leonora' No. 1

  • Moscheles: Piano Concerto No. 2 (soloist Henry Roche)

  • Tchaikovsky: Suite No. 4 in G 'Mozartiana'

November 1998

  • Mozart: Symphony No. 35 'Haffner'

  • Meyers: Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (first performance) (soloist Mark Price)

  • Gounod: Symphony No. 2

June 1998

  • Beethoven: Symphony No. 1

  • Massenet: Meditation from Thais (soloist Stephen Bryant)

  • Monti: Czardas (soloist Stephen Bryant)

  • Dvorak: Czech Suite

  • Joplin arr. Meyers: Ragtime Dance

February 1998

  • Beethoven: Overture 'Namensfeier'

  • Berlioz: Nuits d'ete (soloist Jean Searle)

  • Bryce: Hymn to Aten (first performance)

  • Mendelssohn: Symphony No 4 'Scottish'

November 1997

  • Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf (narrator Penny Smith)

  • Weber: Clarinet Concerto No 1 (soloist Helen Smith)

  • Meyers: Midsummer Night Dances (first performance)

June 1997

  • Granville Bantock: Overture 'The Frogs of Aristophanes'

  • Joseph Horovitz: Oboe Concerto (soloist Rosie Stanforth)

  • Richard Strauss: Serenade in Eb for Wind Instruments

  • Johannes Brahms: Variations on a Theme of Haydn op 56a

March 1997

  • Mendelssohn: Overture 'The Fair Melusina' op 32

  • Robert Schumann: Cello Concerto in A Minor op 129 (soloist Sarah Hedley-Miller)

  • George Butterworth: Idyll 'The Banks of Green Willow'

  • Saint-Saens: Symphony No 2 in A Minor op 55

November 1996

  • Beethoven: Overture 'Egmont' op 84

  • Francis Poulenc: Concerto for Organ, Strings and Timpani (soloist James Thomas)

  • Leo Abrahams: 5 Vignettes (first performance)

  • Schubert: Symphony No 4 in C Minor 'Tragic'

June 1996

  • Mozart: Overture 'The Impresario'

  • Faure: Masques et Bergamasques

  • Meyers: Recorder Concerto (new version for chamber orchestra) (soloist Maria Meyers)

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 8 in F Major

March 1996

  • Mozart: Overture 'The Magic Flute'

  • Moscheles: Variations on 'The Alexander March' for Piano and Orchestra op 32 (soloist Henry Roche)

  • Rachel Bertaut: Nocturne (new version for KCO)

  • Vaughan Williams: Symphony No 5 in D

November 1995

  • Rossini: La Cambiale Di Matrimona

  • Karl Goldmark: Air for Violin and Orchestra (soloist Stephen Bryant)

  • Wagner: Siegfried Idyll

  • Dvorak: Romance for Violin and Orchestra (soloist Stephen Bryant)

  • Mozart: Symphony No 33 in B flat K319

July 1995

  • Rossini: Overture 'Tancredi'

  • JS Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No 1

  • Grieg arr. Meyers: Lyric Suite

  • Haydn: Symphony No 100 in G 'The Military'

  • Joplin arr. Meyers: Ragtime Dance

March 1995

  • Ravel: Suite 'Mother Goose'

  • Arnold: Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (soloist Kathryn Burrows)

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 3 in E flat 'Eroica'

November 1994

  • Boldieu: Caliph of Baghdad

  • Brahms: Double Concerto for Violin and Cello (soloists Adien Eardly, Katherine Martin)

  • Haydn: Symphony No 47

  • Debussy: Children's Corner Suite

  • Bizet: Galop from Jeux d'Enfants

June 1994

  • Bach: Suite No 1 in C for Two Oboes, Bassoon and Strings

  • Mozart: Concerto for Clarinet in A Major (soloist Helen Smith)

  • Haydn: Symphony No 83 in G minor 'The Hen'

  • Mozart: Finale from Symphony No 29

February 1994

  • Haydn: Overture 'The Creation'

  • Beethoven: Piano Concerto No 4 (soloist Richard Lewis)

  • John Reeman: Genesis

  • Schubert: Symphony No 5 in B flat D485

November 1993

  • Copland: Appalachian Spring

  • Alexander Arutiunian: Trumpet Concerto (soloist Mortimer Rhind-Tutt)

  • Dvorak: Symphony No 6 in D op 60

June 1993

  • Rossini: Overture 'The Barber of Seville'

  • Mozart: Horn Concerto No 4 (soloist Adrian Wheeler)

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 6 'Pastoral'

March 1993

  • Mozart: Symphony No 40 in G minor

  • Richard Rodney Bennett: Concerto for Saxophone (soloist Simon Haram)

  • Stravinsky: First Suite for Small Orchestra

  • Delius: Song Before Sunrise

  • da Falla: Suite No 1 - Scenes and Dances from 'The Three-Cornered Hat'

November 1992

  • Vaughan Williams: Overture 'The Wasps'

  • Brahms: Violin Concerto (soloist Stephen Bryant)

  • Bizet: Symphony in C

June 1992

  • MacCunn: Land of the Mountain and the Flood

  • Elgar: Cello Concerto (soloist Lesley Shrigley-Jones)

  • Delius: Walk to the Paradise Garden

  • Grieg: Peer Gynt Suites 1 and 2

March 1992

  • Mozart: Overture 'Seraglio'

  • Beethoven: Violin Concerto (soloist Ian Berridge)

  • Poulenc: Symphonietta

December 1991

  • Rossini: Overture 'Il Signor Bruschino'

  • Weber: Concerto for Bassoon (soloist Mark Price)

  • Sibelius: Valse Triste

  • Grieg arr. Meyers: Lyric Suite

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 7

June 1991

  • Taylor: Three Concert Interludes (first performance)

  • Mozart: Symphony No 39

  • Bizet: Arias from 'Carmen' (soloist Margaret Cameron)

  • Mozart: Arias from 'The Marriage of Figaro' (soloist Margaret Cameron)

  • Manuel da Falla: El Amor Brujo (complete)

March 1991

  • Rossini: Overture 'La Cenerentola'

  • Haydn: Horn Concerto No 2 (soloist Adrian Wheeler)

  • Mendelssohn: Overture and Incidental Music to 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

  • Delius: On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring

  • Stravinsky: Pulcinella

December 1990

  • Haydn: Symphony No 49 'La Passione'

  • Mozart: Concerto for Flute and Harp (soloists Anna Brett, Lucy Wakeford)

  • Ravel: Pavane

  • Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin

June 1990

  • Schubert: Overture in the Italian Style

  • Mozart: Piano Concerto No 24 in C minor (soloist Tim Peake)

  • Brahms: Serenade No 1

March 1990

  • Beethoven: 'Corolian' Overture

  • Rodrigo: Guitar Concerto

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 4

December 1989

  • Rossini: Overture to 'The Italian Girl in Algiers'

  • Richard Strauss: Oboe Concerto

  • Haydn: Symphony No 99

June 1989

  • Amos: Totonic Rain Dance

  • Meyers: Concertino for Flute and Strings (soloist Kathryn Burrows)

  • Taylor: Kentish Scenes (first performance)

  • Tippett: Birthday Suite

March 1989

  • Haydn: Symphony No 44

  • Finzi: Clarinet Concerto

  • Wagner: Siegfried Idyll

  • Mozart: Symphony No 38 'Prague'

December 1988

  • Mendelssohn: 'Hebrides' Overture

  • Mozart: Violin Concerto in D (soloist Christine Townsend)

  • Beethoven: Symphony No 2

  • Dvorak: Czech Suite

July 1988

  • Respighi: 'The Birds'

  • Schumann: Piano Concerto

  • Mozart: Symphony No 41

July 1987

  • Mendelssohn: work tbc

  • Tchaikovsky: 'Rococo' Variations (soloist Michael Mace)

  • Amos: The Laidley Worm of Spindleton Heugh

  • Gounod: Symphony No 2

May 1987

  • Rossini: Overture 'La Cenerentola'

  • Bruch: Violin Concerto (soloist Gina McCormack)

  • Vaughan Williams: Three Preludes on Welsh Hymn Tunes

  • Saint Saens: Symphony No 2

March 1987

  • Mozart: Overture 'Cosi Fan Tutti'

  • Saint Saens: Suite in D

  • Amos: The Laidley Worm of Spindleton Heugh

  • Haydn: Symphony No 144 'London'

January 1987

  • Dvorak: 'Legends' Op.59

  • Amos: Concerto for Flute, Oboe and Strings (soloists Anna Brett, Joanna Rhind-Tutt)

  • Mendelssohn: Symphony No 4 'Italian'

November 1986

  • Faure: Pelleas et Melisande

  • Amos: Sinfonietta (first performance)

  • Schubert: Symphony No 3

March 1986

  • Faure: Masques et Bergermasques

  • Haydn: Symphony No 99

  • Amos: Three Harbour Sketches (first performance)

  • Dvorak: Czech Suite

Commissions and First Performance

The Kingston Chamber Orchestra has performed a number of special commissions and first performances since its inception.

  • Shades in Time (Thomas Little)

  • Sinfonia Concertante for solo violin, viola, and orchestra (Freddie Meyers)

  • Three Short Pieces for Orchestra (Rebecca Croft)

  • The Green Man (Peter Byrom-Smith)

  • All the King's Men (Francis Bevan)

  • Night of Incident (Ram Khatabakhsh)

  • Sinfonietta (Bertel Haugen)

  • Two Colours for Orchestra (Matthew Print)

  • The Blaze of the Diamond, the Moment of Hours (David Lewiston Sharpe)

  • Present Tense (Mike Greenway)

  • Stone of the 7 Kings (David Lewiston Sharpe